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East Palo Alto Teen Home, Inc. (EPATH) is a California-licensed residential care facility established in 1992 and serves adolescent at-risk females ages 0 to 17 with the ability to make special accommodations for youth ages 0 to 18 if needed. EPATH primarily provides services for children currently in the foster care or probation system. EPATH extends short-term therapeutic residential services to youth who may have histories of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, often accompanied by substance abuse.

In this 2011 video that was produced by Kametra Jordan of Los Angeles, California, for her Cinequest Picture The Possibilities film presentation, Kametra recites the poem, “Peace,” by Jalia Dews–a member of the East Palo Alto Teen Home Poets. After growing up around gangs and violence, and seeing too many deaths and shootings in Los Angeles, Kametra wanted to write poetry about her life. However, she never could find the words to write about what she was feeling. One day, she discovered Jalia Dews’ poem, “Peace.” Upon reading the poem, Kametra felt that she had found the right poem that clearly expressed how she was feelings about her life experiences. Jalia appears in Kametra’s video. Jalia wrote her poem when she was nine years old. She’s currently attending a charter high school in East Palo Alto.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our teen residents to become fully functioning members of society by providing access to social, educational, and employment opportunities that exist within and outside of the community of East Palo Alto

We Encourage Our Teen Residents

At the East Palo Alto Teen Home, Inc., we encourage our teen residents to be empowered through education, engagement in activities that raise their self-esteem, life skills, and personal enrichment. We assist them in the building of a self-help philosophy, healthy self maintenance habits, and attainable goals for their future.

Community Service

As part of our on-going commitment to improve the quality of life in the East Palo Alto community, our teen residents pledge at least twenty hours per month to participate in community service projects.

Support Our Mission

We Value Your Time

Provide Your Skills

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The East Palo Alto Teen Home, Inc.
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A Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program