Testimonials From Past & Current Residents

“In the spring of 1992, I was 16, pregnant, and homeless with one deceased parent and the other dependent on chemical drugs. A social worker introduced me to a woman who was in the process of opening a home for teen mothers, and I was accepted to this facility. I was informed that I would be the first resident to reside there. My son was born on July 11, 1992, and this Teen Home now felt like home. I realized that my life now had purpose. Ms. Sheila George and staff provided mentoring and life skills services, which left me feeling empowered, confident, and ready to take on the responsibility associated with motherhood.

It was at the East Palo Alto Teen Home where I learned to cook, clean, and care properly for my son. I was prepared with the tools which would enable me to work, budget my finances, and make good choices when faced with life’s ups and downs.

Shelia intervened, when my life was on a fast track going nowhere. Having Sheila in my life has contributed to the success of my marriage, being a loving mother of two children, and purchasing my first home in 2003. Additionally, I’ve been able to be gainfully employed by a leading bank in the financial services industry.

I will forever be grateful to Sheila George and the staff of the East Palo Alto Teen Home.” -Monique

“Life as a youth living in the East Palo Alto Teen Home is not bad. The environment is what you make it. Every youth in the EPA Teen Home is living here for their individual reasons. In the Home, there are wonderful staff members who help us to the best of their ability. Now, I’m not saying that every day is like roses and butterflies, but life is what you make it. The East Palo Alto Teen Home should never be a temporary place. It is a place for change. It is a pit stop in your life to come and change, so that you can start living your life better.”  –Damara

“As a resident in the East Palo Alto Teen Home, you get a lot of help to get yourself on track, if and when you need it. The staff wants the best for you. So, to get the best out of living in the EPA Teen Home, you need to do right.”  –Semmone

“Being a resident here at the East Palo Alto Teen Home is an awesome opportunity that can take you to many places. Here, you are helped in many ways to have a lot of learning experiences. Even though there are ups and downs in living life, there are plenty of staff and peers who can help you get through them. The staff doesn’t discriminate against anyone. They will let you know when you are making a decision that is detrimental to your well-being.”  –Briana

“Knowing that a place like the East Palo Alto Teen Home exists inspires me. For this place to provide shelter and care for teens and teen moms with babies, it can be summed up into two words: generous charity. It is a nice place. There are a lot of activities here to help teen women to grow. It is a community of vibrant, beautiful teen women!” –Jalia

“Dear Ms. Sheila George;  I just wanted to say thank you for everything: for putting a roof over my head; for putting food in my stomach. The other day, I was talking with my Social Worker and she had me to choose pictures that reminded me of my goals for the future. There was a picture that said that we need to have more role models. She asked me what a role model meant to me. I said that you were a role model to me because no matter how many times the devil has put obstacles in the middle of your road, you never turned away from God. After everything that has happened in the past, you’ve never given up on trying to help young ladies to do better in their lives. Ms. George, you are not only a role model to me, but to many young ladies–whether they say this to you or not.

Thank you again for everything! You are my role model!” -Briana